The presidium is the main decision organ of the JSA Board and consist of President, Vice President (Head of Education) and Treasurer.

The JSA Board consist of six heads, which are taking care of different parts of JSA – Administration, Internal, International, Social (Sexkreation), External and Marketing.

Austra Kaše


The main task of the President is to follow up the work performed by the association and ensure that objectives and visions are fulfilled.

Mariam Soumi

Vice President (Head of Education)

Vice President (Head of Education) is the right hand of JSA’s President and takes care of all educational matters at JSA .

Viktor Gustafsson


Treasurer’s main task is taking care of JSA’s finances and bookkeeping.

Johannes Ahlse

Head of Marketing Committee

Matilda Andersson

Head of Social Committee

Sara Hooton

Head of International Committee

Filip Forsell

Head of External Committee

Chelsea Carrol-Melzer

Head of Internal Committee

Karin Rutström

Head of Administration