Alexandra Winther

Alexandra Winther

Head of Administration

As the Head of Administration for JSA I get to do all the stuff behind the curtains. Some people might find organizing documents, taking notes and booking rooms, unimportant and boring but for me they are as vital as anything else. I’ve always had a sense for planning and structuring so I couldn’t have gotten a better position in JSA. What I love the most is being able to help the other board members and projects when necessary as I don’t have my own committee to take care of.

When I’m not in class or in the JSA office you would probably find me running around in the hallways, always in a hurry as time is limited! In my spare time I usually run a bit more, but on a treadmill, or watch series.

If I look busy but you need to ask me something, offer me grapes and I’m all ears!

076 254 38 01