Lena Hussmann

Lena Hussmann

Vice President (Head of Education)

I am the Vice President – Head of Education for the association. I take care of all educational matters at JSA and represent the association when the President is absent. Most of my time goes to ensuring there is a high level of quality at JIBS. I try to help individual students with whatever problems they might have with the university and I am the spokesperson for the students when it comes to the quality of their education. I represent the JSA in the following committees:

  • JSA Quality Committee
  • The Quality Committee of Jönköping Student Union
  • Council of Undergraduate and Master Education
  • Education Committee in U9

More about me: I am a bachelor student, currently studying my second year at the civilekonom-programme. I was born in Germany but have for the most part been growing up in Sweden. When I am not doing things related to the university I am hanging out with friends or reading a good book.

076 773 24 10

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