Apply for JSA Board!

This period, we have 4 positions that you can apply for -Vice President – Head of Education, Treasurer, Head of International, Head of Social. Check the descriptions below and apply by submitting the application form!

Descriptions of JSA Board positions

The Vice President- Head of Education is the deputy to the President. The Vice President – Head of Education shall have good knowledge about the President’s work and duties. The Vice President- Head of Education also holds the responsibility of all questions concerning the quality of the education.

The responsibilities of the Vice President- Head of Education are:

• to have good knowledge about the Presidents work and duties

• assist the President in the continuous work

• to secure the high level of the education at JIBS. This covers programme, courses, workshops and other.

• being the spokesperson for the students in educational issues

• to inform and educate programme developers and course evaluators

• educational issues on a national level

• the school’s environment

• being the spokesperson of the Association concerning educational issues

The Treasurer of the Association is responsible for the economy as well as the continuous economic work in the association.

The responsibilities of the Treasurer are:

• the economy of the Association

• the Association’s checkbox

• the budget of the Association, the Committees

• the accounts

• economic statements in the Annual report

The Head of the International is responsible for the integration of all JIBS students and toprovide information for incoming international students from all over the world, as well as outgoingprogram students from JIBS.

The responsibilities of the Head of the International are:

• arrange social activities promoting the integration between Swedish and international students.

• planning and execution of Go Exchange Spring/ Fall.

• oversee the creation and manage the activities of International Clubs representing different countries or regions of the world, made by JIBS students.

• procure professional as well as cultural activities that promote integration and use JIBS highly internationalized atmosphere in the best way possible.

• maintain a close interaction with the JIBS International Office.

The Head of the Social Committee manages the Social Committee (“Sexkreation”), along with the studentpub (JUBEL). The Head of Social will represent both the student pub and the social committee at board meetings, and will be the professional liaison between their project groups and the Association.

The responsibilities of the Head of the Social Committee are:

• SexKreation, JUBEL and the small events project group.

• the Kick off week Autumn and Spring

• SexKreation and JUBEL sittnings

• spreading information about the events arragned by the committee

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