Apply for JSA Board!

This semester, we have 5 positions that you can apply for:

  • President
  • Head of Internal
  • Head of External
  • Head of Marketing
  • Head of Administration

Check the descriptions below and apply by submitting the application form!

Descriptions of JSA Board positions

The responsibilities of the President are:

  • executing responsibility for the association and its work
  • the planning and organization of the association
  • following-up of all the work performed by the board members
  • the evaluation of the work performed by the association
  • the regulations and the policy documents and revision of the same
  • to chair the board meetings
  • executing responsibility regarding the economy of the association
  • to be the spokesperson for the association
  • signing on behalf of the Association according to § 4.3.7 in the Regulations
  • managing the work within the Presidium of the Board
  • case handling
  • main contact to the Student Union
  • main contact towards JIBS

!!!Please note that the position of President is a full time position!!! The position is a paid one and the President is expected to work full time, 50% at JSA and 50% with common questions of the Student Union and JSA. Thus the President cannot work or study at the same time of the mandate.

The responsibilities of the Head of Internal are:

  • all projects appointed to the Committee
  • the appointment of project leaders
  • supporting and guiding the project managers in their work
  • working actively in order to spread information about projects arranged by the Association
  • working together with the other faculties in cooperated projects
  • document the projects, it’s results and evaluations for the long term

The projects under the Head of Internal are:

  • Nextstep
  • Spring Inspiration
  • Ball Committee
  • Entrepreneurship Academy

The responsibilities of the Head of External are:

  • maintaining good relations with the partners and sponsors of the Association
  • working actively with finding new sponsors
  • inviting the Association’s partners to suitable activities arranged by the Association
  • appointing contact persons for the partners
  • supporting the sponsor coordinators in the Association’s projects
  • profile products for the Association
  • support and manage the project Case Academy
  • manage the sponsor group

The responsibilities of the Head of the Marketing are:

  • all information to and communication with the members of the Association
  • the responsibility of how the Association markets itself to its members and other stakeholders
  • to lead the work of the marketing committee and together plan and implement a marketing strategy to strengthen the brand of the Association on a long term basis
  • to work for increased interest for the Association and higher level of engagement in its projects and activities
  • inform employers concerning the advertisement at JIBS
  • to spread the information about all the Association’s activities on social media channels of JSA (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) and official JSA webpage (
  • appoint Editor in Chief of JIBS United and constantly monitoring his/her performance
  • manage advertising spaces at university, i.e. poster boards and poster walls
  • cooperate with the Head of External on partner’s promotion (offline and online)
  • keep updated JSA’s TV in the Lobby
  • organize JSA Day(s) and/or other promotional events for the JSA Board
  • create a welcome brochure for new students (handed out during Autumn and Winter Kick-Off)

The responsibilities of the Head of Administration are:

  • ensure the legal quality of all contracts signed by and within the association
  • administration of documents in preparation of board meetings
  • helping all project members with any IT-related issues
  • booking rooms and giving out accesses to JU-cards
  • handling of booking the JIBS lobby
  • managing the Engagement Group

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