JSA has been around for many years and is a traditional student organization at JIBS. Discover various milestone that happened and are happenning during our journey.

1982: Establishing JSA

The JSA was founded in 1982 for a variety of reasons. The most important ones were to ensure a continuous high level of educational quality, to provide the students of JIBS with excellent career opportunities and to create an actively buzzing social life for its members. These are the visions that have guided us through the years and which we today still hold in high honor.  Upon its foundation the JSA was known under a different name, JUNEKON, the maiden name of our organization. The name has been changed multiple times, first to IHHJS, which stood for Internationella HandelsHögskolan Jönköpings Studernadeförening.
. . .

1996: First JIBS United magazine

JIBS United has been established in 1996 and in year 2016 is therefore celebrating 20 year anniversary. From the beginning it delivered important news to local as well as international students and informed them all about happenings all around the university and campus.
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1997: First Spring Inspiration

Spring 1997 brought a first ever Spring Inspiration Fashion Show into Jönköping. This project evolves into the biggest Scandinavian fashion show driven by students and strives for different theme each year. Show in 2016 has a theme “Spring Galaxy” and exclusive performing artist Sabina Ddumba.
. . .

2004: Name change

In 2004, JSA finally gets its current name, which stands for JIBS Student Association. We still strive to make JIBS the most international university in Sweden.