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What is JIBS Case Academy?

Case Academy is a project with focus on closing the gap between future employers and the students by case solving. The students get the opportunity to interact and network with innovative, global and successful companies that are frequently looking for talented economic students to join their organizations. The project is evolving, being a young organization from 2013. It is in a fast growing development stage constantly searching for up to date and innovative companies to partner up with. To interact with the companies. Students, in groups of four, solve real-life business cases that are in line with a current problem or business consideration. The time spawn for each case differs, either from a one day of solving to an entire week. Each group solution is presented as a consultancy recommendation to the company members.

Case Academy is for ambitious students looking to apply theory to practice and work on their networking, presentation and analytical skills. If you feel that this is the shoe for you, apply and have the time of your life.


Events we over:

Resume development = Preparation for job searching in collaboration with Academic work.

Case for a day = Meet a company and try a case for a day, solving time 4h.

The Academy = Group of 20 students recruited every year to compete in case competitions with companies, additional workshops in rethorics and case break down are included.

Fictitious Job interviews = Additional preparation for job searching in the form of an interview and constructive feedback from Bravura for future success.

International Case competions = Representing JIBS in a competition hosted by BI Norwegian Business school. Teams all over the world are participating for a week in Oslo.


Management Team: April and September

Participant: The Academy: January

Participant: Case for a day: A month a head of the event.

Particiant: International Case Competition


Project managers until summer 2017:

Emilia Åkerlund & Malcolm Scott

CaseAcademy - Team

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