What is JIBS United?

JIBS UNITED MAGAZINE is a little glimpse of magic in paper form handed out to all JIBS students three times per year- Spring, Summer, and Winter Issue.

The first issue was released in 1996, and the magazine has since then been funded by JIBS, JSA, and our partner companies.

A new editor in chief is chosen every year (this year Ida Karlsson) but the principles for the magazine always stand strong. We aim to provide written content that is inspiring and entertaining through the talents of our team of writers. JIBS United magazine also has an eye catching design, so beautiful that you will want to frame it, and hang it up in your apartment.

Recruitments for the magazine usually takes place twice a year, one time during the fall semester and one time during the spring semester. We offer positions that include writers, proof readers, graphic designers, marketing managers, a managing director and the editor in chief.

If you’re interested in joining our amazing team, or wish for us to highlight an event or project in the magazine, then please send a message to junited.jsa@js.ju.se

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