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What is the JSA Investment Club?

JSA Investment Club is an association founded in 2012 at Jönköping International Business School with a collection of nearly 150 students.

The purpose of JIC is to arrange interesting and educational events in order to develop a greater interest of finance as well as giving a good picture of what a career in the industry could mean. Our vision is to become the obvious choice for all students at Jönköping University who want to learn more about finance.

We work closely with our partners in the business community to offer members and partners a platform to network, establish contacts and to have a cognitive exchange of knowledge. Hosting seminars, lunch lectures and competing in competitions are only the tip of the ice burg when it come’s to what we can offer.

Members of JSA Investment Club have access to our trading room, equipped with tools necessary for trading. The trading room is also a forum for our members to meet and to share ideas.

The club is open for all students at Jönköping University who which to network with others who share the same interest in finance. There is no pre-requirement of knowledge in finance. All that is needed is a desire to learn.

Investing for Beginners

This is our most basic educational program held by our Head of Education, Joakim Walldoff. The focus of this program is to teach our members the basic foundation of stocks and funds, the difference between them and how to successfully create a diversed portfolio for potential future investments.


Another benefit of participating in the JSA Investment Club is our Analytix Project. This is held as a weekly workshop on Thursdays in order to develop further knowledge in stock analysis. The major key of any successfull investments is to do your due diligence with a comprehensive analysis. That is why the focus in this workshop lies in the practical side of constructing an analysis of a specific stock or fund.

Team of 2016/2017

President of JIC – David Tingåker
Vice President of JIC – Henrik Johansson
Head of Education – Joakim Walldoff
Head of Event – Francesca Schüldt
Head of Sponsor/Marketing – Christoffer Svensson
Head of Capital Management – Malin Movin
Senior Consultant – John Ingold


The JSA Investment Club is looking for a new President!

We are looking for an individual who are ready to take over as President for JSA Investment Club (JIC) and lead the organization during 2017/2018. The JSA Investment Club is a highly dynamic organization, where you will be given great opportunities to execute new ideas and projects as well as develop and manage existing ones. You will lead the board and have the overall responsibility for the organization, which requires that you have good skills regarding management and a great sense of responsibility.

There will be a transition period during the spring, where you will be given time to learn from the current organization and recruit your own board.

Being President of JIC gives you a great opportunity to develop your professional skills by having responsibility and leading an organization with over 100+ members. The position will be beneficial for your CV and a great opportunity to broaden your professional network and get in contact with future employers. It is also a great chance to meet students from all different programs at JIBS and a great way to do the most out of your time in Jönköping.

Apply by sending us your CV, and a letter of motivation.

Interviews will be held ongoing.


JSA Investment Club
Box 1026, Gjuterigatan 5
551 11 Jönköping, Sweden

Room (B)2018

E-Mail: Investmentclub.JSA@js.ju.se