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What is Nextstep?

Nextstep is the career fair, established by Jönköping International Business School for Jönköping University, which takes place at the Campus Arena every February. The fair attracts local, national and international com¬panies who present their businesses with the purpose of attracting the most talented and engaged students at Jönköping University. Moreover, numerous interesting lectures and workshops will be held during the fair day, along with a banquet to mark the closing of the fair, everything specially created for the students and you are welcomed to attend.

Why Nextstep?

Nextstep represents the bridge between students and companies, where they are able to interact with each other and build relationships, having as the main focus employment, not least the potentiality to find trainees, internships or just part time jobs during studies.

During Nextstep, you will have the unique opportunity to find the connection to your future career and build a social network with potential employment. Nextstep allows you to present yourself and your ambitions. The combination of quality and internationalization makes Nextstep a unique, prominent career fair and an excellent opportunity to meet your future co-workers.

“Nextstep aims to be the most professional and well organized career fair in Sweden. The fair should reflect the international and entrepreneurial spirit of the school and all the companies that attend should feel that this is a recruiting event of an exceptionally high caliber.”