The JSA – A broad perspective JSA stands for Jönköping International Business School Student Association. We act independently from any political, religious or union party to represent the students of JIBS and we act on their behalf. As an international association we operate in English, and we work to help our members by ensuring educational quality, creating carrier opportunities, hosting events and promoting internationalization.

Once a year, the Biannual General Assembly (Meeting) elects the JSA board which shall then act in the best interest of the students at JIBS. Our members are the students at JIBS which pay a membership fee. Said fee is currently associated with the one all students pay to the Student Union (Studentkåren).

Today we maintain good relationships with the other student associations around JIBS as well many local companies, all to improve the life of the JIBS students. We host a variety of events such as an inspiring career fair, Nextstep, a dazzling fashion show, Spring Inspiration, and of course an unforgettable Kick-Off for our freshmen. We work tirelessly to make your stay at JIBS the best years of your life.