All Projects under JSA

Spring Inspiration

Spring Inspiration is an annual event arranged in Jönköping and aims to deliver fresh inspiration during spring-time.


Sexkreation is the social committee of JSA.


Nextstep aims to be the most professional and well organized career fair in Sweden.


Kick Off is a celebration of the start of your studies at Jönköping University.

JSA Quality Committee

The purpose of the committee is to improve the overall quality of the educational experience at Jönköping International Business School by dealing with educational issues and supporting students in their studies.

JSA Investment Club

JSA Investment Club was founded for students at Jönköping University who are interested in finance and wish to further explore this interest.

JSA Entrepreneurship Academy

In 2017, JSA Entrepreneurship Academy was established by students at Jönköping International Business School with the purpose of engaging, inspiring and supporting students in the area of entrepreneurship. We hold lectures, workshops and events with companies and entrepreneurs to provide students with the help, tools and support needed when turning their ideas into reality. Our…

JSA Business Trips

JSA Business Trips is a project which aims to give the students the opportunity to learn more about international work and experience business in real-life setting by going on company visits around the globe.

JIBS United Magazine

JIBS United is a magazine published by students of JIBS. It has been established in 1996 and celebrated 20th anniversary in 2016.